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How to Buy Art You Love

Reasons To Collect Art

For millennia, people have collected art for myriad reasons. Our lives are enriched by beautiful and stimulating works, whether in the home or other spaces. We want to support the creative talents of artists and engage in the cultural dialogues of our time. We feel a strong emotional connection to the works we buy. The list goes on. And then there’s the added bonus that a work we purchase might go up in value.

But the one thing that unites all art buyers, regardless of the above, is the desire to discover art they love.

So whether you’re looking to bring life to your walls, become part of a cultural or political conversation, commemorate a milestone or memory, or purchase a valuable heirloom that can be handed down to next generations, Saatchi Art is your portal to thousands of works by the world’s top artists.

To get started, explore these collections featuring some of our curators’ favorite artists in our most popular styles and mediums.

Finding an Art Style That Resonates With You

An easy way to start discovering work you love is to first step back and decide which styles you like. Here are a few popular {artists} to get you started…

Salina Vaughn

Crissia Vaughn

Chas Curtis

How to Learn More About Art You Like

One great way to discover emerging artists is to read art publications, go to lots of exhibitions, and attend degree shows at art schools. The more you research, the more confident you will be in finding an artist or work or style that resonates with you.

Determining Your Budget

Over the last five years, the landscape of the art world has changed dramatically, with online galleries making art more widely accessible to buyers globally. Though art is no longer the preserve of museums or wealthy collectors, establishing a budget is a smart move in what can become an emotional process.

Once you have a number in mind, stick with it. Start exploring what works are available—for example, for the same price you might be able to buy a painting or a limited edition photograph or a sculpture. Also, note that the size of your work will also usually have an impact on the price. Sometimes bigger is better, but other times, it may make more sense to build up to a statement piece.

If you are buying a photograph find out whether the work comes mounted and/or framed, or if that will be an extra cost. If you are buying a painting and you want to hang it with a decorative frame that is likely to be an extra cost too, which you’ll need to factor into your budget.

Likewise, if your first foray into the world of art collecting is on a small budget, limited edition prints are a great foot in the door. Printed on museum-grade materials and framed with sustainable, cut-to-order, solid wood frames, each of our limited edition prints include a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and are a perfect way to elevate any interior design.